Welcome to Envision Columbia County - OREGON

A citizens' group based in St. Helens, Oregon
A note to our group....
   "Way to start out 2018 with a bang! Together, you raised a whopping $11,440 in less than two weeks to fuel the legal battle to protect Port Westward from fossil fuel and other high impact industrial development. You helped not only meet our anonymous $4,000 match, you helped us blast past our goal of $8,000 for the legal fight! Incredible. Not only did you pour hundreds of hours into testifying against this misguided proposal, rally with your neighbors wearing Farms Feed Us badges, and sway public opinion by writing letters to the editor, you made a critical court challenge possible. Thank you." Note from ​​​Jasmine, Columbia Riverkeeper
Our Work
Governor Tom McCall's vision of protecting the quality of life for all Oregonians is one of our defining ideals. We believe that by participating in something you believe in can make a difference in other peoples' lives. If you live in Columbia County, you are probably aware that the Lower Columbia River is being developed into heavy industry at a rapid rate. This development will change the nature of the communities along the Columbia River, its habitat, marine life, fish, birds and wildlife.

We have come together to be the eyes and ears for initially monitoring and then acting to protect our way of life now and for future generations.

Our present focus:
  • Safety of People and Communities - Stay informed about railroads transporting  crude oil through out cities, near schools, homes, businesses and fish and wildlife habitat - provide information to the public.
  • Seek solutions to complex issues facing economic development and quality of life in the county.
  • Study, evaluate and act on citizens' rights and rights of nature.

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